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Leo Archetype

Core Insights for Leo

Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Penetrating)

Element: Fire (Essence, Vitality, Identity, Consciousness, Energy)

Archetypal Images: Performer, Ruler (King/Queen), Magical Child, Entertainer, Knight

Planetary Governor: Sun

House Association: 5th House of Creativity & Joy

Body Wisdom: Heart, Spine, Vital Life Energy Field.

Spiritual Principle: Creativity “Create Your Visions”

Harmonious: Charismatic, Noble, Dramatic, Admirable, Childlike, Creative, Joyful, Warm, Radiant, Brave, Playful, Loyal, Generous, Expressive, Romantic, Respectful.

Shadow: Egotistical, prideful, Conceited, Childish, Narcissistic, Stubborn, Dominating, Attention-Seeking, Arrogant, Self-Centered, Attached to Luxury, Dramatic, Overbearing.

leoLeo is the archetype of the wise, generous ruler projecting radiance and benevolence to all life. As an inward fire sign, it enjoys the center of stage with all the energy flowing towards the center to the throne of consciousness. Planets in Leo are imbued with a zest for living, playing, and enjoying life dramatically. Leo symbolizes entertainment and theatrical creativity. Like youthful Gemini it has deep connections with the images of childhood. However, Gemini’s spontaneity and variety-seeking nature were focused into the plane of the mind. Leo comes to role-play the magical child as a living fiery expression of vitality. Leo thrives on being recognized for creativity and drama.

This archetype invokes the creative power and inner child of humanity opening the heart to life through a deep expression of inward spiritual generosity and joy. Leo teaches that we are all fractals of the divine essence and that spiritual energy follows creative thought. Reality follows belief. The intention of your vision will always expand.

Leo and the Sun symbolize the human urge to shine and express ego. With all the psychological terms flying around these days ego has taken a bad rap. Yes it can become a tyrant if misguided, but without it there would be no human beings at all. Like the Sun magically holding the planets in orbit, the ego holds the forces of consciousness in orbit like hub of a wheel. The ego is the living counterpart to the astrophysical idea of a center of gravity.

The ego is what makes you special and admirable. Romantic Leo inspires you to get giddy about being alive, to laugh and throw up your hands in amazement at the miracle of life. Wherever this sign shines into your chart that’s where you are called to perform, create, and play with all your heart.

The same goes for the house that contains the Sun, which we will be studying next. It is in those realms of life experience that you can be a living expression of joy, generosity, and respect. Leo governs the heart, spine, and vital life energy field that the Orientals call chi, which means spirit. People with lots of planets in Leo exhibit lots of spirit.

When your Leo energy is misdirected you succumb to narcissism and temperamental behavior. Lost in self-worship and pride, the shadow Leo takes control hiding extravagance and childishness under a mask of egotism. Suddenly the king becomes the tyrant who forces unlawful edicts on the unfortunate people. This is the side of Leo that whimpers or gets angry because they are not the center of the situation. Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Aquarius, demonstrating progressive thought, respect for human equality, and enlightened humanitarianism.

The key word Dramatic appears on both the light and dark sides of Leo. There’s a world of difference between the performer who displays theatrical excellence and the arrogant, self-glorifying actor who needs to command the crowd to insulate his ego. In the end people grow weary of this kind of conceited, overbearing, and forceful nature. The crowd dissipates leaving the entertainer lonely and soaking in blame and insensitivity.

The spiritual principle of Leo is creativity, the knowledge that energy is directed through creative thought and focus. Your beliefs about life will shape your life. What you can imagine can be if you are able to structure the vision. Before anything manifests on earth it has to be created with thought in the astral realms. The Aries principle of action causes manifestation, but without the creative juice, nothing happens to create and give love. Learn to practice creative visualization by initially releasing your fears and doubts about the process. Learn to flow with it even if the creative act evokes intimations of your death. You will be reborn through the creative act. I often feel that the best way to be unified with the divine creator is to be creative. God’s highest attribute is creativity. Why not join the marvelous play?

That’s what the Leo archetype is all about. Visualize every detail of what you want to design and claim your cosmic creativity. Writing down ideas instantly brings them from the world of thought into the realm of form. You can transform thought (energy) into substance (matter) just by putting the pencil to the paper. If transforming matter to energy creates atomic explosions, then the reverse process should unleash the same power within the plane of the soul. Brainstorming on paper is creativity in action. You are empowered by this archetype to shape your life through the images you create. Make it a blast!

The glyph for Leo symbolizes creative consciousness pouring from the circle of being. It looks like the cosmic sperm ready to inject your visions with life. It also symbolizes the flow of blood through the chambers of the heart. In addition, it represents the generous spirit and radiant mane of the royal lion.

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