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Leo August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo Zodiac Sign!

Leo August Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Leo, you are exerting a huge amount of energy in August 2016 to achieve what you wish for. This is a highly significant month, where the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve. You have energy, enthusiasm, eagerness, diplomacy, quick wit, foresight and also the good common sense to be grounded and cautious in what you do.

You must use your personality and your ability to lead – you can inspire others and get them to support you. Use the confidence you feel right now to action plans and start initiatives.

Opportunities right now come with responsibility – that is a moral and also a financial responsibility. For all the flair and fun that is offered, there must also be diligence and hard work to ensure success. Luck comes from hard work, does it not?

You may use this time for a trip of a lifetime – but this trip will have a greater significance for you than usual. You may decide to visit the country your parents came from to get more in touch with their culture or religion – this may change your life view quite dramatically and influence your future choices.

You may also begin either an anthropological or even an architectural study. Perhaps you are volunteering overseas or participating in a charity or aid effort. Your life view is about to expand – it is not just about seeing the world and having a laugh, it is about having your eyes opened and changing your perspectives in a way which you can really use in future.

August 2016 Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Extremely loyal and quick to react to anything that is a threat or offensive to your family and loved ones, you are taking things very personally in August 2016. Despite your outgoing, fun-loving exterior, you are quite touchy in August 2016 and value your privacy. You are drawing a line between on time and off time, and you do not want work interfering with family time. Love and also friendship is taken very seriously, with you making time to show devotion and commitment to those you love.

Your emotions are quite complicated in August 2016, and there seems to be two yous – a self- confident fun-loving, assertive you and another more vulnerable, sensitive you that only reveals itself behind closed doors or within the safety of your loved one’s arms. You are experiencing some barriers to fully letting go in love in August 2016 – examine this closely and reflect on why this could be happening. Perhaps you are hurting over something; something you have not fully let go of. It could be very helpful to chat about this to someone who you trust.

Leo Career Horoscope August 2016

Pension considerations are vital in August 2016: if you have not started one, you need to think about it, and if you have one, perhaps you need to look at it again and see if it offers value and is worth the money. There is a desire for the responsibilities that come your way in August 2016, and you are well up to the task, even if you initially feel daunted. August 2016 is a good month to act on plans you have laid to change job or career, or even if you had planned to set up on your own.

Principles and being honest and above board are very important to you in August 2016, and you will seek to create a reputation of being just, thorough, diligent and ethical. Ethics is a big theme in August 2016 in business, so ensure not only you but everyone around you follows protocol.

You may be the initiator of many staff and team building events, especially those to do with sports.

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