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Leo Cartoon Character

Fred BassetFred Bassett is likely one of the most loveable dogs in the history of the newspaper comic strip. He is much like the Leo person in that he is playful, honest, and has that perpetual spirit of self-sacrifice.

Fred would do anything for his friends or family, and a person born under the Sign of the Lion is possessed of the same spirit of extroverted self-sacrifice.

Leos don’t like to be kept in the background — they need to be noticed! Sometimes they achieve this goal by constantly belittling those around them, just as Fred does when smaller dogs or other people come into his world and garner the attention that he believes is rightfully his.

He usually comes to his senses eventually, and it’s never very long before his honesty and loyalty energe — but, like the Leo personality, he still likes to take credit for any success as much as he possibly can. Leos also have a tendency to take credit where credit is not due, and like Fred will squirm somewhat when caught in the act.

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