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Leo December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo Zodiac Sign!

Leo December Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Leo, money and investments are a theme in December 2016. What is important in any walk of life is to not borrow from or lend to friends or family, and if you do manage money on behalf of others, keep what is theirs and yours separate. I would not lend out anything material that you value as you are not likely to get it back; if you are the borrower (which I advise against) make sure you look after the item well as an accident beyond your control could cause it damage.

Hedging your bets and having insurance (travel, card protection, house and contents) is very important right now as with Saturn squaring Neptune you can easily become a victim of an unforeseen circumstance, no matter how well prepared you are.

On this theme, things beyond your control may disrupt the order of your life – this may be extreme weather or a flu virus, and so do not leave yourself with deadlines in December as you cannot rely on the universe to behave.

Although you are working hard in December 2016, you may be a little disappointed in the results, and may also feel undervalued and unappreciated – you should not take this to heart, this is just a passing phase brought on by the planets and must be taken on the chin, do not let it get you down. I am sorry to sound negative, but I think to be forewarned is never a bad thing.

December 2016 is a very psychic time when feelings, hunches and dreams can be prophetic. You may seek out a psychic, palm reader or clairvoyant for an insight into your future or to make contact with a deceased relative – do get a referral and do not pick any charlatan out of the yellow pages. Sudden déjà vu and a strong feeling about a person or a money matter should not be ignored.

December 2016 Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Children may impede lovemaking in December 2016 – so make sure that you have friends or grandparents who are willing to babysit at short notice so that you can enjoy social events and a terrific sex life in December 2016.

Escapism, especially via sex, is part and parcel of December – you are ready to let go and let the barriers down and really enjoy an emotional and physical coming together. But planning is required, December can be hectic with family staying over and deadlines to meet, so plan nights where you can be sure of no bells ringing, phones ringing, babies crying or kids knocking. This is an ideal time for a romantic getaway to renew the relationship bond in peace and tranquility. It may take you a little time to de-stress and switch off, so do not be disheartened if sparks do not fly immediately. A long walk on the beach, a wonderful meal, good wine, a movie/concert and good conversation are the ideal ice breakers. Once you begin to relax, things will flow.

This has been a complicated year in terms of relationships; you have been challenged to take things to a new level and to reach a deeper level of commitment and a more spiritual understanding. No spiritual journey is ever easy – even in love.

Single Leo may start new relationships with a partner who is older, and that relationship will get close very fast, you will find yourself revealing intimate secrets and feelings, and this can be very healing and transformative.

Leo Career Horoscope December 2016

Back up data, get everything in writing, and do not rely on verbal agreements. Be as clear as possible in all communications. Ensure tax and VAT receipts are kept in order – take nothing for-granted. It is best to check things over if you have delegated.

Secure your business premises over Christmas.

December 2016 is a very good time for arts management and the organizing of theatrical or musical events. This is also highly productive for graphic design, electronic art, music production and art forms like architecture, sculpture and jewelry making. If you work in a creative field which is also highly reliant on practical methods/materials (i.e. pottery) or mathematical (i.e. architecture, musical composition), this is a time of opportunity and productivity.

Those Leos who work with children will have greater responsibilities than usual in December 2016 – you may become emotionally involved and feel a spiritual obligation to step in and help. You may donate to children’s charities over Christmas or even do a holiday/Christmas event in the Children’s ward of a local hospital or help underprivileged children. If your own children are well off, you may encourage them to collect their unwanted toys to donate to poorer children. You may make many sacrifices in December 2016 to ensure your children have the best Christmas ever – Leo love to spoil and make holidays special no matter how much money they have.

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