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Leo Dog Personality

The Dog Leo may be crispy on the outside, but they’re chewy on the inside, eaten up as they are by a veritable army marshaled by fear and staffed by voracious, bickering particles of self-doubt.

You’re going to need someone who can take you out of yourself and make you forget your sense of Canine inadequacy, and then send you in to conquer with banners flying Leo-style!

In the meantime, try not to huddle in the fetal position with your hands over your head.

After all, it takes bravado to make bravado, and you’ll soon find that if you can make yourself believe, others will fall into line with no problem.

Dog LeoIn fact, your ex-humble stance can serve as a sort of social Trojan Horse in times of dire need.

They’ll think they’ve cornered a mangy mongrel, but when they hear that roar of yours they’ll scatter like frightened birds!

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