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Leo On Fifth House Cusp

Leo On Fifth House Cusp

Leo On Fifth House Cusp

Leo in 5th house – Leo on the cusp of the fifth house

Since this house placement is the natural Zodiac position for Leo. You may find you feel right at home when you are able to shine your Light in creative activities, adventurous pursuits and celebrations of life. You are naturally “the life of the party” just with your presence, so be aware that when you try to make yourself such, you may be a bit too much for most people to handle.

If you find yourself not feeling very brilliant, you may find that being in the presence of children often draws your Light out to play – you are easily inspired and enlivened by them.

This is the natural location of Leo, since Leo is the natural ruler of that fifth house, so it further emphasizes the affairs of the house itself. What we are more concerned with here, more than children, love affairs or gambling, is the element of creativity. In all the mundane affairs of the fifth house, the Leo on the cusp of that fifth house must be creative, creative by reaction to the eleventh house in the manner in which he has developed his relationships.

For example, Leos make very good parents, but they are strict disciplinarians. By direct reaction to the eleventh house, the Leo should be a little bit more flexible, less the tyrant of the family. Even though the Leo loves children, similar to “Living With Father,” the strict routine of control over children would have to be Creative quality is so very important when it comes to that fifth house.

And it is interesting that if you balance the fourth and sixth house as a sort of seesaw in the second quartile, the fourth house initiates the second quartile and the sixth house completes it. The completion, the bridge between the two, would be the fifth house. How do we creatively influence and affect others, and how are we creatively in service to our fellow man?

So the fifth house is really the fulcrum, creatively, in that second quartile. And the second quartile is involved with the projection of self into life. Here again is the ego, and here is the leadership of Leo involved in life from the viewpoint of community affairs, world affairs, people, their problems, their development.

Since Leo is a fixed sign, in the higher octave expression, the Leo would do well to concentrate on persistence and determination, rather than stubbornness and blind action.

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