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Leo On First House Cusp

Leo On First House Cusp

Leo On First House Cusp

Leo in the 1st house – Leo on the cusp of the first house

You define yourself by your ability to shine your unique expression of Light out in to the world. You take great pride in your ability to draw attention to yourself simply by being who you are. However, you don’t share the spotlight easily, and you may find that maintaining your confidence in your sense of self depends on others giving you praise and affection.

You may sometimes worry that being yourself isn’t enough and try to shine brighter than those around you in order to make sure you come first in every way. If you remember your unique individuality, there is no need for you to compete or force your way into the awareness of others. Being yourself easily and simply brings you all you need.

Leo, here, has the responsibility for the proper development of personality. The self, or the ego of Leo, is the strongest of all signs of the zodiac. We don’t mean conceit, of course, but strong self, aggressive, pushy, often tending to be domineering. And, of course, by reaction to the seventh house, the self must take into consideration all others, concern, consideration for others, the identification of self with the mainstream of life.

Leo on the cusp of the first house needs to develop leadership, but from the viewpoint of the humility aspects, must realize that everyone has his own opinions and belief systems and these should be recognized, accepted and integrated into the general body or organization of programming, whatever is going on, whatever activity the Leo is involved with.

A very strong egoistic approach, such as Leo has, in developing this strong and intelligent ego expression, would do well to keep an awareness of the reaction that this ego expression has upon others; in other words, to put himself in the other person’s shoes. Leo is the leadership sign of the zodiac; there is that responsibility of the person from the viewpoint of his leadership in life, in the mainstream of life itself. Other signs have leadership qualities, but Leo is the predominately strong leader, executive, organizer, and promoter. So it is always the proper use of leadership.

Too often Leos tend to be the tyrants. Leadership in life is also a partnership with life. It is a factor to selflessness to be aware of this partnership.

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