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Leo On Fourth House Cusp

Leo On Fourth House Cusp

Leo On Fourth House Cusp

Leo in 4th house – Leo on the cusp of the fourth house

The foundation of your personal-private persona and your life is your ability to shine your unique expression of Light into your family or domestic environment. It may be important for you to be the center of attention among your family members and closest friends.

This may make it difficult for those closest to you to feel seen or acknowledged by you – they may feel they cannot be in relationship with you or create intimacy with you without giving up their expressions of Light completely. Notice how you may overpower your loved ones, and make an effort to receive their Light in your life.

Here, again, is the ego and the leadership involved in recognizing that whoever comes into the sphere of the Leo personality will be influenced and affected by that Leo. It is through the proper use of the personality, through the correct expression of the ego that Leo can help others find meaning to life, direction and purpose.

But it must all be done, as was said before, from the viewpoint of the humility aspect, the recognition that all people are on their own level of the spiral of evolution, and will find their meaning, direction, and purpose according to that level.

Leos might want or expect people to find that meaning, etc., on the level of the Leo, rather than on the level of the person. The dominance of Leo could demonstrate itself in a Leo’s attempt to establish the Leo standards for others.

With the location of Leo on the fourth house, which is naturally ruled by Cancer, the Leo can feel somewhat like a fish out of water amidst the changeable and depthful emotions of Cancer. It is helpful for him to learn to swim with and flow with, rather than didactically dictate and establish according to his Own nature.

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