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If you happen to be friends with a fellow Leo lady you will know this right away based on their hair styles. Their hair may be all over the place as their personalities are as well. They could care less about their hair some days, as as long as their personality and confidence are on top, they are good!

Leo women are basically very vibrant and loud. Their aura screams of confidence and vitality. Therefore, it should come to know surprise that these folks will usually have a loud kind of hair style, generally speaking.

In addition, this hair style will mostly consist of long hair that is a bit wavy or bushy.

They see hair as a way to make them complete, but that doesnt mean to make it artificial or filled with all kinds of chemicals at all.

These gals like to have their hair a bit so natural and old fashioned. They have more important things to worry about, and worrying about their hair like some other signs just seems plain silly to them.

They do not mind leaving it is as is, and they are so confident that they have no hang ups on what others perceive to be right or wrong. They see it comfortable for themselves, so that is their final answer.

At the end of the day, a typical Leo woman will essentially love to be given lots and lots of attention. Her personality calls for it and she knows she is loved by many. She is just so optimistic and friendly that people can not help but be kind back.

They know that men want them and they are great at playing hard to get. These gals know how to play the game, so watch out! That being said, their hair styles will be as loud and crazy as they are.

Ultimately, the Leo ladies are utterly proud individuals who can get away with frizzy or sometimes even messy hair. Like the sign of a lion, the hair is all around them, as a powerful sign or symbol of something. Their hair is therefore, a thick mane, like a lion, and their hair is also quite possibly their biggest assets, one can say.

They do not obsess over it, which might make it that much more attractive to look at.

Curls would also be an ideal option for these rambunctious gals.

In addition, the color most suited for them would possible be either red or brown. Red stands out so it should fit them perfectly. Some simple advice for these Leo girls would be to make sure they care about their hair just a bit. Neat hair that is brushed back and put into a pony tail will make you stand out that much more.

So enjoy your freedom and keep that thick mane of yours together and within your abundant personality!

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