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Leo Health

As the Sun focuses its lens on Leo (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom), we seek vitality, strength, creativity, and movement. Humanity’s emphasis is on strengthening the heart (Leo), and purifying the blood and circulatory system (Sun). Leos are often considered the most dramatic of the signs, due to their e-motional behavior. But the real interpretation of Leo is motion, or energy directed and guided by the mind.

With this in mind, August is an excellent time to establish a new health regime, which may include fasting, detoxifying, colon cleansing, exercise (get it moving and slosh the blood around), and a new way of eating. The diet should be rich in protein and low in starch and sugar, and lecithin should be included as protection against cholesterol. Generally not being the best of food shoppers, here is a list of items rich in magnesium phosphate, the mineral needed most by Leos to keep them out of e-motion and in physical motion: almonds, apples, barley, blueberries, cabbage, coconut, cucumbers, eggs, figs, lemons, lettuce, onions, plums, rye, walnuts, and whole wheat.

But there is another medicine, or food, needed by the heart to keep it well nourished and strong, and that is the medicine of praise, appreciation, and recognition. Forget the “love yourself” type of therapy, which is actually an impossible task for anyone to perform. Humanity learns how to love (self and others) by first experiencing externally. That means you and I are completely responsible for the well-being of each other’s hearts (and especially Leos) through our use of praise, recognition, and appreciation. Without these components, all hearts dry up and blow away.

The Heart

Leo rules only one organ — the heart — and it is the most important organ in the body. Leo is a fire sign, and the fire element rules the heart. The heart is a mental/emotional center, not only the organ of falling in and out of love. The Chinese word for heart is xin, meaning “heart/mind,” and according to Chinese medicine, the heart not only regulates blood circulation but also controls consciousness, spirit, sleep, memory, and houses the mind, which relates the heart to the brain and nervous system. The heart acupuncture meridian affects both the physical heart and the mind. Health is ease of mind and body. When the heart is in harmony we are capable of being friendly. We are also capable of experiencing humbleness because an open heart and an aware mind perceive the reality and beauty underlying all of life.

Leo & The Body

Leo works with:

• heart and circulatory system
• spinal vertebrae which protect the spinal cord
• diaphragm and muscles of the heart and back

The Sun, transmitting Leo, represents the body’s vital force as well as the will to live.

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Leo (person and time of year):

Homeopathic is Magnesium Phosphate. This cell salt, associated with motor and sensory nerves that carry impulses to and from the brain, is the antispasmodic and anti-pain salt, and is indicated for cramps, neuralgia, and all sharp, darting pains. Mag Phos is also effective in treating emotional exhaustion, since it restores muscular tone and vigor, maintains blood fluidity, and revitalizes the brain and nerves.

Herbs are Angelica for heartburn, Borage and Dandelion are blood purifiers, Hyssop and Rosemary regulate blood pressure, Nettles improve circulation, and Mustard alleviates back pains.

Vitamins are A, C, D, & E.

Minerals are iodine (all the seaweeds) and magnesium (see list of foods above).

Back Flower Remedy is Vervain.

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