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Leo Horse Personality

Playing the game of patience is not the strong suit of the Horse Leo, but what you will not allow it to teach you, the trial-and-error method might succeed in forcing through the wall of your indomitable will.

After you’ve had the worst of it a few times, perhaps then you’ll learn the value of forethought and careful preparation.

In the meantime, you’ll simply forge ahead Horse-style, winning some and losing others, but with more wins than losses due to your phenomenal Leo charisma, not to mention your single-minded devotion to your goals.

If you want something, you must have it, and no one can stop you — not even sweet Reason herself.

Learn to look before you leap, which is good advice whether you’re a Horse or a Lion, but especially good advice if you’re both in one hot package.

Beware the vice of false modesty — it is a failing to which you are prone!

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