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Leo Jealousy

Leo Jealousy

Cancer’s attitude toward jealousy

You’ve got yourself a Lion by the tail. Will it purr or roar?


These Lions are Sun-ruled. Leo is a fire sign. Those born on the cusp of Cancer may be a bit more tame, more moody, and those born on the cusp of Virgo may be a bit less fiery, a bit more settled.

Leo really is the King of the Jungle. They’re larger than life and they are born leaders. Everyone notices when a Leo has entered the room. They project a warmth and confidence that inspires others and even engenders loyalty. A happy Leo is a fair sight, indeed.

Typical Leos are sun-shiny. They’re generous and warm-hearted and kind. If a Leo loves you, you’ll feel cherished and warm and protected.

Lions are emotional people, and enjoy a bit of drama in their everyday lives. Don’t worry, that’s just their rock-star tendencies coming out. The thing is, Leos tend to have a lot of pride and a fair-sized ego. They can also be a bit sensitive, so it can be easy to hurt them. They’re especially soft-hearted, even though they try to hide it, so watch what you say!

Leos are especially susceptible to flattery — they eat it right up. They tend to have a huge sense of entitlement about life in general, and they need to be appreciated and adored, especially by their mates. Treat a Leo well, and they’ll treat you well in return. They tend to be loyal mates when settled. They’ll be good providers, and will happily settle down to family life.

A Leo loves attention from the opposite sex. Before settling down, they’ll respond to and appreciate attention from many, leaving those involved with them to wonder exactly where they stand. A good way to handle this issue is to lavish more attention on your Leo and see if that will rein in his or her wandering eye.

Sometimes a Leo may show poor judgement in choosing a mate, however. They like to show off their spouse, so they may be overly influenced by appearances.

A jealous Leo is a Leo who is not getting the love and attention they feel due. There may be a bit of fiery drama. However, some Lions just shrug their shoulders and find someone who does appreciate them.

Leos are generally most compatible with fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. They are also fairly compatible with earthy Virgo, watery Cancer, and airy Libra and Gemini. Neutral signs are watery Pisces and earthy Capricorn, and they may not be in harmony with watery Scorpio, earthy Taurus and airy Aquarius.

A happy, loving, loyal Leo can be a ray of sunshine in anyone’s life. To keep him or her purring, make sure to show lots of love and affection. A sad, lonely, neglected Leo will roar mightily before loping off to find friendlier hunting grounds.

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