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Leo In Karmic Astrology

Leo To be recognized as a creative, unique individual

Like a diamond in the rough, cut and polish your natural gifts. Remember that while you are fine-tuning your skills that there are many other stars in the sky. Each soul is significant, a bright light in its own right. And how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! The curtains rise after many rehearsals.

“Head for the lights and never forget the Source of The Light.”

Leo’s are having to learn to come out of the Cancer cycle into the light, and they will often hold back, until they have received total approval…then watch out!!! This signs has watched the abuse of power or is in the midst of the exact abuse in this life. (Oftentimes the fixed signs have to repeat the signs over several times to firm up the lesson.)

They have been with kings and queens, in the theater, with artists and also with their children. The Leo’s are inevitably attached to their children in this life..and have usually been followed or followed them through other lives.

Most Leos are learning the lessons of Will through following the Higher Self…and often have poor examples of male supervision which usually teaches the use of proper will…I have met many Leos who were slaves to their own Leos in past lives…therefore weakening the spine from beatings.

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