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Leo Life Mission

As a Leo, you’re supposed to be creative, risk-taking, and very, very self-expressive!

Get out there and show the world what you can do!

Don’t be afraid to think about yourself a little more often than you do – you are meant to learn confidence and build your ego in this lifetime!

That’s what you’re learning – to let yourself take some risks and truly be yourself.

Your Leo Affirmation

Your Leo Affirmation is: “I am creative and free to express all that is within me.”

Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself!

If you tell yourself you’re bored and nobody appreciates you, chances are your wishes will come true!

Try instead to really believe that you can control your own destiny, that you are truly in charge of your own life!

Your Life Issues As A Leo:
  • learning to be a confident person,
  • be self-assured, dynamic, shining forth, taking risks,
  • showing love without expecting something in return.

Tell yourself often, so your subconscious mind believes it:

“I am creative and free to express all that is within me.”

Clues You’re Not Doing Well With Your Leo Life Mission:
  • if you need constant attention and pats on the back,
  • if you’re afraid to get out in front of people and show them what you can do,
  • if you spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the mirror,
  • if you never look in the mirror,
  • if you feel like your life is boring, no awards having on your walls

– those are clues you need to do some inner work on those Leo qualities!

Energy Imbalances come from:

  • not expressing yourself,
  • from hiding your talents from everyone, including yourself.
Clues You’re Doing Well With Your Leo Life Mission:
  • you walk tall and you’re proud of yourself,
  • you have fun,
  • you take risks,
  • you have hobbies and lots of interests.
When You Are Most Yourself & Most Happy:
  • when you feel like you’re showing the world who you are,
  • when you’re taking risks,
  • when you’re having fun even when you’re working!
  • when you feel appreciated, loved, admired.
Good Jobs For Leo:

Something that lets you shine and be very creative, not a big heartless company that doesn’t have time for personal creativity.

Good Relationships For Leo – LOVE For A Leo Sun:

Someone who appreciates you, who lets you take the lead and be in charge, someone who understands your need for creativity and self-expression, someone who appreciates taking charge and taking action, rather than sitting around waiting for life to happen!

Good Things To Consider If You’re A Leo Sun:
  • buy yourself a nice gold chain to wear, a Lion symbol of some kind,
  • buy yourself a fancy jasper bracelet – Fancy Jasper is the Leo gemstone because it adds strength of character and beauty to your life.
  • do some crafts and build up that creativity,
  • hang your awards in some prominent place,
  • try out for the community theatre.
What are Leo qualities?

Great confidence, self-assured, generous, loving, creative, expressive, risk-taking.

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