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The Leo Man

… The hero must put aside his pride… then he discovers that he and his opposite are not a different kind, but from the same flesh … J.Campbell

Undoubtedly the Sun in Leo is particularly incandescent; there are days that if on the one hand leads fruits to maturation, at other times, can burn them completely. This Sun still can gives its natives undoubted characteristics that, especially when a little bit of work has been done on the darkness, are really special.

The Leo man must nevertheless avail himself of the complicity of the God Apollo allowed the gifts of “logos”, that of rational thought, and also, in this case, must stand by and develop the characteristics of his “heart”.

Un his bright side the Leo man perfectly embodies the myth of the hero with a big and generous heart: nobody more than him manages to express his true inner strength, pride, certainty and nobility of mind; in this his pride is in being “a man” who wants to look towards others and the world to which he can give gifts with authentic generosity that, at times, can contrast absolutely with his interests.

The man has been always seduced by the myth of the hero: at all times, since the dawn of humanity, it is said of the heroes that the hero is the one who keeps completely to the laws of honour: a great deal of this is still inherent in the Leo man who can be faithful to his word, able to defend the weak and those who suffer from the abuse of power, perfectly able to fight by a noble and ideal reason beyond his personal profit.

It is the image of the King who, when he is complete, puts the good of his reign and of his people above his own life: of course, today it seems absolutely anachronistic to speak about these characteristics in a world which day after day forgets that values and loyalty to them are fundamental and the only thing that can feed the soul of a man.

The Leo man is a warrior who has united head and heart, sentiment and action; there will be a peculiar internal unity to make it strong and able to infuse certainty and trust also in others why he is, clearly, able to understand his motivations, incapable of treason and underhandedness and at times naive.

He has the need to work hard on his identity: because he is the subject most able to absorbs solar energy, he is so envelopped by its bright rays that he has difficulty in seeing the darkness: where the sun is strong the darkness seems not to be èresent but it is instead long and very dark especially when our hero identifies himself completely in his noble and regal part, ignoring completely his least comfortable side.

Where the Leo sun is not sufficiently realised and a little in contact with his need of creating and of being, his mane is ruffled and falls but since he is not very accustomed to roles of prestige, he can easily expire into presumptuous and arrogant attitudes in a useless and harmful attempt to cover the “wound on his identity and pride” that he does not know is burning.

The Leo man is a natural leader, but if he cannot risk in theory, because of his reaction, he can have become angry rage with the entire world, guilty of not including his size and magnanimity and of not giving himself sufficient space.

As happens in nature, also the wounded Leo man becomes aggressive, insecure and touchy, is afraid of being overwhelmed and does everything to show ”regalness” that, at that point, he no longer not.

The Leo man then risks arrogance, and becoming pretentious and conceited. When he does not rest on profound values he cannot take possession of his strength because he lacks courage; then he must show an exaggerated image that parades what he has on the outside because he has a gap inside. In these situations he is at his most vulnerable in terms of adulation; he allows himself to seduce the one who ambiguously and wisely flatters him pretending to raise him to the rank that he wants; in this case the Leo man becomes insecure, confused and undiscriminating, unable to value the those who are really sincere, but instead those who have hidden intentions.

When the Leo man is not in contact with his essence the Leo man risks becoming confused and disconnected before others require him to give sense and value.

Our hero in this case must firstly become the true paladin of himself; to individualise the fragility that damages his esteem and value so as not to resort to rather improbable external means.

A true leader is such when he can boast a real internal congruence that supports him in the passage from words to action; in fact what lets a hero become complete is his ability of translating into practice what he sees in his mind and says in words: this is the only thing that wil make him credible and able to provoke hope. The Leo man is certainly charismatic if he is authentic; if he instead renounces what his heart tells him he will not be able to live in accordance to his convictions and beginnings and everyone will see his inconsistency.

In this part the Leo man shines and is perfectly aligned with his spiritual energy, with that “blue blood” that makes him a true “pontiff”; otherwise, he will have to be based on the image that will manage to give of, remembering that this is always the fruit of a reflexion and is never present in the moment in which one looks at it.

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