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Is Leo Manipulative? - Leo Manipulation Potential

Leo Manipulation Potential

Leo people are generally vivacious and loud. Their impressions are distinct when entering a room or large crowd. Therefore, these individuals have the capability to attract attention from all walks of life where ever they find themselves.

Leo has a very confident character. They usually feel comfortable exploring their lives directly and actively. In addition, they are very spontaneous in all of their endeavors. Their sense of ambition is beyond comparison. They are truly optimistic in life, and while they desire to be at the center of attention, they also like to help people when needed.

However, people or friends of these Leo guys or gals may initially be able to manipulate these fellow Leo individuals on a level thats not understood. Maybe it is because Leo individuals are so opened with their overall personalities that people can in under their skin.

Still, some negative qualities of a fellow Leo could be manipulated. One specific weakness of these characters could exhibit a vain behavior. When forced to act a certain way, these folks could feel introverted and controlled, something that would cause them depression and confusion.

Leo natives could also end up being domineering in a given situation, when pressured by friends or co-workers. One example here would be at their best friends’ party. Leo generally feels like they make the best of hosts. They can get people together for a good cause and put on an unforgettable optimistic impression on the overall public.

However, people can manipulate these Leo by introducing a barrier to their overall possibilities and potentialities through limiting their effectiveness in their presence. Once Leo is put down, they would feel trapped internally. Leo have to express themselves in order to feel successful and appreciated. This is their ability to act as free spirited people. When suppressed, they are likely to exhibit weaknesses such as stubbornness.

These folks are able to then act like selfish little child. Because Leo have to be in constant control over their lives, they will feel that they have to get away from all of the pressured people surrounding them. This would essentially be a wise choice, as an independent Leo is ultimately a happy Leo.

Leo at work is truly at the forefront of any task they are given. They take command earnestly and accept responsibility accordingly. However, when forced to complete a task, a fellow Leo individual would end up feeling suspicious.

Leo is a very scheduled and organized individual. Their work is important to them, so when a boss would initiate this forceful and rude behavior, a typical Leo would feel unhelpful and useless in their given line of work. Leo will not be able to take orders directly from any of their employers. This is ultimately a way to manipulate a Leo’s overall potential in life, as they would feel impeded upon.

To regain a sense of confidence a fellow Leo should first realize their capabilities. Once aware of it, they can talk to their boss or quit and find something better.

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