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Leo October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo Zodiac Sign!

Leo October Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Travel and the awareness of new information are very important in October 2016. You may travel to do with work or extended family occasions. Something you learn by chance in October 2016 could give rise to an exciting new venture – so be observant and be open to your environment.

October 2016 is also a month where you must look to use the qualifications you have to either improve work prospects or move to a more suitable position. Are you overqualified for what you do; do you have a love for something you studied and want to use this ability and training more frequently? Leos are creative and must have an outlet where self-expression is allowed – in October 2016, look to how you can match your abilities more closely to a job or even a hobby or some form of community project.

Selfconfidence for Leo is intrinsically linked to leadership and creativity, and you need some place in your life where these elements, so vital to you, are given an outlet.

Communication is a vital part of in October 2016 – turn off the iPhone and focus on one-to-one oldfashioned talk or a telephone call. There is no substitute for quality communication, especially with siblings, aunts, uncles and other people who are close to us – make the time to be together and rediscover bonds with the gadgets turned off.

Ba careful of allergic reactions to both prescription and non-prescription medicines, and do not mix medications. Take alcohol with care and do not get drunk.

October 2016 Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are very important to you in October 2016, dear Leo, and you may actually be a touch aloof in relationships. Do be aware that the way you react right now is strongly influenced by your unconscious and by deeply buried emotions and emotional conditioning.

You can be rather critical and impatient with your loved one at a time when you actually need to be more compassionate. Maybe you are looking at things from your own point of view exclusively, and you may actually be picking up the wrong signals or drawing the wrong conclusions. Be more sensitive, go the extra mile and be tactful – your partner needs you now, more than you think. Maybe you both have a guard up, maybe your love life has become a domino effect of you did this, now I do that. You have the chance to stop those dominoes now and turn your love around. The power is with you: use your ability to communicate to restart good constructive conversation.

Advice from others about relationships is not helpful in October 2016 – use logic and be compassionate and sensitive and keep communicating in a kind and honest way.

Leo Career Horoscope October 2016

Your ideas are very much in tune with trends and mores in society right now, and they should gain acceptance, and recognition may even come your way – you have the ability to act in time to take advantage of the public mood in terms of products, information or art.

“There is nothing as urgent as an idea whose time has come” – You can provide powerful moral and intellectual leadership, especially in relation to legal work, negotiations and bridge building in conflict situations.

You can be the force in bringing an important new concept, law or system into place. Using your creativity and leadership in October 2016, you are also able to manage and direct limited resources so that the most effective use can be made of these.

Do not let events you initiate be hijacked by others – maintain as much control as you can. An excellent month for business related to mechanical fields and also those which rely on maths and accounting.

Shrewd financially, October 2016 is a very productive and assertive month for those who run their own business or who are just starting new businesses.

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