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Leo On Eight House Cusp

Leo On Eight House Cusp

Leo On Eight House Cusp

Leo in 8th house – Leo on the cusp of the eighth house

You likely shine your unique expression of LIght as a means of gaining power and/or influence over others in ways that get you ahead in matters or in advantage positions with others. You may feel you need to make yourself be known or seen in order to benefit from others’ financial, material, or physical resources.

It is crucial that you are attentive to timing and circumstances to recognize your opportunities to shine and be seen. Otherwise, you may be forcing your Light onto others, and your efforts to draw them near may actually be pushing them away.

The greatest quality here for the Leo is the regeneration of self, the higher value of self, as a reflection of Cosmic Law and Cosmic Principle – Truth, the essence of Truth as it reflects itself in every unit of manifested life. It is this location of Leo, on the cusp of the eighth house, that the Leo quality of dominance must be avoided, for in the search for Truth itself, Leo should not at any time emphasize Truth as he sees it as the only truth to the exclusion of all other belief systems.

We are also involved here with groups, and group activities, and so the leadership quality of Leo can enter into the picture and instructs the Leo to get involved with groups which are searching for Truth itself.

The eighth house is also the house of metaphysics and astrology, and Leo on the cusp of that eighth house indicates that person could be a promoter of the metaphysical approach, astrology, be very prominent in these fields. When concerned with the search for Truth, on a higher octave, we are dealing with the mysteries of life. On a low octave the search for Truth can be any discipline of any school of knowledge, whether it be philosophy, religion, psychology, etc. But on a higher octave we are dealing with those principles and concepts which are the basis of all life, both the manifested and the unmanifested.

Here again is the need to approach the mysteries of life with humility rather than dominance. This is another area of caution for the Leo, for a search for Truth and the mysteries of life, too often Leos, with their ego complex, tend to set themselves up as self-styled gurus, gathering people around them. Their word becomes gospel, and again this feeds the ego, the need for adulation and the need for prestige for the Leo.

No one person and no one group has all the truth, but too many low octave Leos tend to assume the position of being the know-it-all, the giver of light, the undisputed leader of esoteric teachings. The one who is king of the mountain is the person who is at-one with the essence of the mountain. Too often, Leos tend to be in front of the teachings, and in this particular location of Leo, it is essential that Leos be behind their work, not in front of it.

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