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Leo On Eleventh House Cusp

Leo On Eleventh House Cusp

Leo On Eleventh House Cusp

Leo in 11th house – Leo on the cusp of the eleventh house

You look to shine your LIght among your social circles. You may find that you look to your friends and acquaintances for validation of your unique self-expression, yet this would be a gross misdirection of your Light power.

It is important for you to remember that it is being and fully expressing your individual self that gives you your role within your groups and associations – your uniqueness is what makes you belong. Don’t forget that you are a necessary puzzle piece in the bigger picture of humanity.

The karmic responsibility of Leo on the cusp of the eleventh house is the development of the proper relationships in life, not so much from the viewpoint of gathering around people who will flatter the Leo or adulate the Leo, but gathering people, or developing relationships with people on all levels.

Here is the leadership quality that can come in with Leo, the humility of being part of all of life, and recognizing that life is a matter of relationships. Again, the ego trap is one into which Leo can fall. Leo, again emphasizing the fact, is always on stage, likes attention, and could easily even draw around him those who will cater to this particular weakness of the Leo.

The Leo must not dominate friends, must not dominate in a social life, must take into consideration what other people want to do, not just according to the desires of the Leo. The power quality of Leo could easily enter in here, and would illustrate itself as pushing people around, making decisions for other people. Of course the creative quality could enter in here, and in a very subliminal way, the Leo could still make his desires and his wishes come to fruition through subtle diplomatic means.

Here, Leo will find that others will respect his authority only as it is true and valid authority. Aquarius is the natural ruler of that eleventh house. It emphasizes the necessity for the Leo to be in harmony in all of his relationships. The hopes and wishes of Leo here should be of the higher octave, tuned in to more spiritual values. There is also an opportunity for innovation, bringing in new concepts and new ways of dealing with groups and relationships of a more personalized nature, through the Aquarian qualities of the eleventh house.

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