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Leo On Seventh House Cusp

Leo On Seventh House Cusp

Leo On Seventh House Cusp

Leo in 7th house – Leo on the cusp of the seventh house

You likely seek out partners who draw attention to themselves or seem to attract or create drama around them. You need and want a partner who isn’t afraid of being in the spotlight or standing out in a crowd. However, be aware that you may seek a partner that draws all of the attention so that you can hide behind their Light and don’t have to be seen.

If that’s not the case for you, you may find that you have a difficult time shining your own Light because your partner’s Light is so strong and resent them for that. By taking on true partnership with an equal, there is plenty of room to shine for both of you – both as individuals and in unison.

Tthe seventh house is the house, again, of partnership. It is not easy for Leo to recognize the equal rights of others when it comes to a partnership. Leo tends to want to dominate. In a marriage, Leo would want to wear the pants in the family, to make the decisions, to organize, plan, and the seventh house demands that Leo finally consider the rights and opinions of others.

In this particular location of Leo, a metaphysical expression seems to be quite apropos – “In a grain of sand is the universe; you are your own universe.” Think of how tiny each grain of sand is on the beach of life. There is a great deal of humility involved there; yet there is the pride, again a quality of Leo, the pride of knowing that without each grain of sand, there would be no beach.

Leo on the cusp of the seventh house must see himself as an integral part of the all of life, and by reaction to the first house, the identification of self as a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, and not that the macrocosm reflects itself in the Leo, and yet conversely this is also true.

In the seventh house position, it is an excellent opportunity for the Leo to demonstrate his natural leadership qualities with others in forming this partnership with life. With Libra as the natural ruler of the seventh house, the problem of individuality enters. Now,the ego of Leo could stress individualism at the expense of collectivism, or of group identification.

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