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Leo On Tenth House Cusp

Leo On Tenth House Cusp

Leo On Tenth House Cusp

Leo in 10th house – Leo on the cusp of the tenth house

Your public identity is rooted in your ability to shine your Light into the world. Your unique and individual self-expression defines you in the public and professional arenas of your life. You may stand out simply because you are present – others tend to be drawn to you without your needing to bring attention to yourself.

However, they may be drawn to you and not know how you may be of practical benefit to their success. it is important for you to help others know how to use your Light to their benefit as well as your own. You may find great success as a beacon of Light for others.

Karmically, Leo must realize that it must contribute to life itself. It cannot always be on the receiving end. The tenth house is where we contribute to life, and here is the leadership, here is the humility and the creative aspects of life itself, and through making a contribution, Leo can then, by reaction to the fourth house, help others raise their consciousness to find their direction in life.

There are many traps for the Leo on the cusp of that tenth house because we are dealing with occupation, government, fame, and prestige, this sort of thing, and it is the house of superiors.

Leo finds it very difficult to be in an inferior position, always wanting to be the boss. This quality can bring great animosity to the Leo on the part of superiors. The Leo must be extremely careful not to dominate. Here again is the humility, the willingness not to dominate, to accept orders as well as to give orders.

In occupational pursuits, the Leo should be intuitive and creative, but above all we are concerned with where the Leo will contribute to life. This is further emphasized when Leo is on the cusp of the tenth house, for it is the midheaven. The midheaven is where cosmic sustainment comes in to the Leo, and through the Leo, and here the Leo becomes a lawful channel for Avataric influence and leadership is very much stressed, from the viewpoint of spiritual leadership, spiritual teachings, spiritual awareness and consciousness.

In all of these areas, the leadership of Leo could be stressed, and this could be facet through which the leadership can best demonstrate itself. There is also a caution for the Leo in this location that he do things from a point of sincerity rather than for the show which is occasionally a part of this location. In other words, Leo must be very sure that he does not fall into the trap of glamour, or of placing attention on the external.

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