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Leo On Twelfth House Cusp

Leo On Twelfth House Cusp

Leo On Twelfth House Cusp

Leo in 12th house – Leo on the cusp of the twelfth house

Compassionate and sensitive, you shine your Light to gain attention so you are in a position to share the spotlight with others. You want your Light to benefit others before yourself. You deeply desire to heal the lives of others and can be so generous, you may martyr yourself or give up attention and acknowledgment you need and deserve in order to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

People with this placement often sacrifice their turn in the spotlight to others only to realize later on that being themselves and shining their Light is all they ever really needed to do to make a contribution that could truly inspire and heal others.

Now the twelfth house is the house of fulfillment and dealing with spirituality, cosmic consciousness, at-one-ment. It is the house of soul and karma. Leo on the cusp of the twelfth house indicates that there is the need for self-less service along universal principles and true spiritual values.

One of the weaknesses of Leo is not to take into consideration the feelings and the rights of others. The element of compassion and understanding could mitigate this particular negative quality. Leo must be willing to merge himself with the totality of the universe, otherwise he becomes an island, insulated from the universe which he ultimately seeks to be united with – a true universality.

The lesson of Leo on the cusp of the twelfth house is to recognize the personal ego as a part of the universal cosmic substance, and of course, this then incorporates the humility aspect. It is the totality of self as said before, as part of the Oversoul. The consciousness of Leo should be transmuted from personal self to the universal self.

Now the Sun is the natural ruler of Leo. The Sun represents the soul on a mundane level. It emphasizes the soul qualities which should be developed by the Leo. On a higher octave, the Sun represents the triune aspect of the Trinity of God, and it then implies that Leo, on the cusp of the twelfth house, must raise his consciousness to cosmic levels rather than just to the level of the personal self, personal desires, or personal power.

With the Sun as the natural ruler of Leo, whether the Sun is in the twelfth house or not, it would still have a subliminal effect there and could bring in a type of separateness on a low octave. Yet on a higher octave, there is the independence of spirit and personal expression which allows working with and uniting on a universal scale without the encumberment of lower octave influences, and thus would bring in that fulfillment, as being a part of the All, instead of being apart from.

Since the entire horoscope represents a process, a process of experience, a process of growth, could Leo on the cusp of the twelfth house suggest the finality of the growth of that ego to the point that it merges with the entire universe?

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