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Leo Ox Personality

Humility? Your fire-drenched Leo heart has never heard of the word. It would be an affront to your dignity, and every mistake, no matter how small, has got to be covered up and made to disappear.

A profound personal silence, intended to insure the Ox Leo‘s sense of personal gravity, may make you, orderly neat-freak that you are, appear harshly indifferent to the sublime blandishments of L-O-V-E. But you’re not. You just hide it better than most.

The trick is for you to loosen up a bit, both in and out of bed. The lover that manages to instill a sense of playfulness in you will be the lover to reward with a lifetime of devotion and radiant smiles.

Ox LeoEasier said than done for such a one, however — you are a grim soul who has a hard time mustering up the necessary facility of expression with which to convey your strong emotional outpourings.

You need the catalyst of outside affection to jump-start your own sentimental engine. The Ox half of you needs to watch out for a tendency towards excessive micromanagement!

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