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The Leo Parent

If one of your parents is a Leo, they have big personality. They probably smile a lot, tell jokes and will play kid games with you and actually enjoy themselves! However, when they tell you to do something, they’re not joking around. A Leo demands obedience from you, so don’t bother arguing. It’s easier to just do what they want. Tell your side of things later when they’re in a better mood. Leos can be lions or pussycats, so talk about difficult subjects when they’re purring, not roaring!

Leo Children

You are a happy, sunny person. You love to perform and be the center of attention. You should try acting, singing, dancing, music — anything that puts you on the stage. You’re not shy at all. You can also encourage others kids to feel good about themselves by helping them through their fears. You have many friends, but you should be careful about being too bossy. Not everyone is as confident as you are, let quieter kids take the lead once in a while. More about Leo Child

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