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Leo Pig (Boar) Personality

The Pig (Boar) Leo might as well have their onstage debut as soon as possible, since they’ve been playing to a crowded house for years. Your zany and colorful spirit uplifts and invigorates all those who are lucky enough to have some claim to your attentions.

Don’t let your Leo half be accused of being a prima donna — share the spotlight with someone else once in a while.

Don’t ever dream of growing up, either, since it’s your rare and wonderful child’s (read: Pig’s) sensibility extrapolated into adult life that keeps them coming back for more.

Pig LeoBeware the sour sting of dashed hopes — just because it didn’t work out once doesn’t mean it will never work out ever again!

You are prone to a dash of sulkiness that others find oddly attractive, but you have a hard time showing them that you really mean it.

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