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Leo psychological profile

Leo is involved in a dynamic which seeks the radiant expression of self. Whether through painting, acting, courting a loved one, or raising a child, Leo yearns to find an arena in which the abundance of his spirit may join in the drama of life. Leo’s energy evolves out of the protected shell of the prior sign, Cancer, and is determined to flourish as an individual. Charismatic and powerful, Leo is warm, gregarious, proud, and regal.

He enjoys the spotlight, like his fellow fire sign Aries, and though he is generous to those he gathers around him, Leo is a ruler at heart. He loves to be at the center of others’ orbits, and understands human relationships and responsibilities in terms of his own personal circle. Leo aspires to be a force of nature, yet he must guard against being imperious. Leo has a big heart, and should courageously cultivate the high ideals of character to which good kings aspire.

Loyalty is a big issue for Leo. His drive is fixed, his sense of purpose strong, and he likes to feel his loved ones are behind him in all that he does. He may take great offense at being criticized — especially for a brand of aristocratic laziness all his own. To be truly happy, he has to make a perceptible impact on the world, to watch seeds he has planted come to full fruition. His is the pride of the farmer who who has labored steadily throughout the spring and summer, and whose crops now illuminate the fields with their abundance and beauty. After hard work, as much with his heart as with his hands, Leo loves to glory in the fruits of his labor.

Leo is sometimes criticized by the shrinking violets of the zodiac for being a show-off and a chest-beater. As a unique individual, he finds so much to say, so much to point out and expound upon, he can’t help shouting it out for all to hear at times. Like the other fire signs, Leo can become filled with his own spirit, and end up seeming self-righteous or egotistical. Leo is dramatic, sometimes eccentric, and is happy to make his own rules. After life has tempered his independent spirit at, Leo is apt to become a humble pussycat. Here we find the great artists, the devoted lovers, the proud parents, who acknowledge the mystery of nature behind their highest achievements.

Sometimes-paradoxical questions which will be important to Leo’s long-term development are:

  • “How can I express myself to the fullest while giving others their moment in the sun?”
  • “How can I overcome my sometimes powerful ego needs, and embrace an egalitarian spirit?”
  • “How can I, as a single individual, change the world?”

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