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Leo Rat Personality

Every morning you look into the mirror and ask two simple questions: “Am I perfect yet? And why not?” Everything the Rat Leo does is geared around your unwavering commitment to perfection.

In the business arena this fixation is manifested in a strongly motivated drive towards material success, courtesy of your Rat inheritance. Nothing but the best for family and friends, and certainly no dallying about with pointless dead-end subordinate positions!

Leo Rat PersonalityTop-gunner that you are due to the Lion in you, you unfortunately tend to impose your personal ambitions upon all in your orbit, and woe betide the friend or lover who fails to keep up, or falls beneath a storm of withering criticism!

If one can stay the pace, you can prove to be one of the most dedicated partners in existence. Your promise of a continued presence can sometimes, however, turn out to be a thinly veiled threat.

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