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Leo Rooster Personality

Oh boy — the Rooster Leo is a manic-depressive cannonball of a personality, so everybody around you had better look out! Check in the mirror and see what kind of a day you’re having — it might not be advisable to walk out that door just yet.

Your fits of moody misbehavior are what render you irresistible to your romantic opposite, as paradoxical as that may sound (to everyone but a Leo).

They need you to play the “bad seed,” and since this is the core of your character you are more than happy to oblige them.

Rooster LeoIf the gloom gets too thick, seek hugs of a non-sexual nature for instant cheer. It is advisable to spend less time crowing about your Roosterian greatness and more time actually achieving great things, for, as they say on the radio, all talk is cheap.

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