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Leo On Second House Cusp

Leo On Second House Cusp

Leo On Second House Cusp

Leo in 2nd house – Leo on the cusp of the second house

You meet your basic survival needs though fully and truly expressing yourself. By shining your unique expression of Light into the world, you are blessed with the means to attract or earn the financial, material and/or physical resources you need.

Don’t allow fear of not having enough drive you to force your Light onto others. Your melodramatic behavior may be a turn-off and actually drive away the resources you seek to obtain. Focus on being true rather than being seen, and what you need comes more easily to you.

Leo On Second House Cusp has the responsibility of formulating the highest values of life itself. This is the house of self-awareness, and Leo must develop the proper value where this awareness is involved, and how it is used in life.

Since the second house is naturally ruled by Taurus, the materialistic aspect could come into the picture, or could enter into the picture here. Leo must avoid this. By reaction to the eighth house, it is the establishment of the higher values that Leo must determine when it is on the cusp of the second house. It indicates that the values that Leos actually have are purely for self, and not so much as those values related to others.

It also indicates that the values of Leo in the past were out of balance. Lack of self-possession in the Leo person can perhaps lead to a collection of other people around him to bolster an otherwise faulty self-valuation.

Considering the quality of the ego, where Leo is concerned, and the development of the value of the ego, we must always consider extremes.

Now, a Leo can often stress ego to the point of excluding all others. The opposite extreme of that can be humility, actually self-negation. It’s the swinging of the pendulum from one extreme to the other. Ego is very important, because it is the ego through which we are expressing ourselves in life, and through which we are evolving.

So Leo must find the true value of the ego. He must not be too ego-centered, nor should he be self-demeaning. The central point of the pendulum swing of ego is actually the attunement to the higher life, that which is easily expressed, and this brings in the regeneration by direct reaction to the eighth house.

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