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Leo September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo Zodiac Sign!

Leo September Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Events in the world outside will have an effect on you in September 2016 – “A man is not an island!” Be it politically or economically, changes in wider society will have an impact on how you work and the way you live your life in September 2016. It may even be issues to do with national security. Whether you take an interest in current affairs or not, you should be more aware of news happenings right now and how they can have an impact on yourself or your family. Be prepared and forewarned is forearmed is the motto – there is no need for paranoia, but the more informed you are, the more you can make informed choices.

Do not rely on others, if you want something of importance done, either do it yourself or keep a close eye on those you employ.

In some cases where Leo are already politically active, you may become very outspoken on an issue of local or national importance and may be instrumental in spreading information or stirring up some action.

You are very passionate in September 2016 and will fight for issues you feel strongly about, you are not in the mood to back down or to take anything lying down.

Eager to get to the bottom of things, you will be relentless in getting answers and ferreting out the truth on matters. Cynical and wary of trusting, you will be analyzing and dissecting information, looking for discrepancies and problems.

Be very careful of scams and get rich quick schemes.

September 2016 Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Issues to do with children will dominate marriages and partnerships in September 2016. Important decisions will have to be made, and there may be an intense clash of wills regarding these. It is a battle between idealism and realism, but the solution is easier than you think and things should resolve themselves by October. Listen to what the children say- do not discount their opinion.

Manipulation, even sexual manipulation and game playing may form part of the relationship dynamic in September 2016. Your partner may make a big deal of some minor issue to get mileage out of it – don’t be drawn into this game. Leos are not usually game players, but Leo often attract Scorpios and Aquarians who are rather good at games – whoever you are with, do be more aware of the undercurrents and subtle messages or ploys that your partner or lover may use.

New relationships may become rather complicated, and you may elect to cool things off for a period – this is a really good strategy.

In all relationships, be a dark horse – don’t reveal your vulnerabilities, others may take advantage (consciously or subconsciously).

Leo Career Horoscope September 2016

September 2016 is an excellent month for investigative journalists and researchers who want to make a point or ensure that a point of view is heard or represented. This can be a powerful time for mass communication – reaching a large audience with important information.

Mentally astute, this is a good month for auditors, detectives and anyone in a line of work where investigation is undertaken. A productive month for researchers and analysts. If you are working on a project requiring intense concentration and an eye for detail, you can be very successful.

As I said in the first paragraph, you need to be politically and economically aware right now as changes in wider politico/socio circles will impact your work life – they may even present opportunities. Ask yourself, is there a new service you can provide to assist people with a new problem or issue that has arisen as a result of these socio/political factors? Is this the right time to change career or job to get in a better position, bearing in mind economic changes?

There may be some financial uncertainty in the markets right now, and so this is not a good time to invest. Be careful to whom you delegate work, and play your cards very close to your chest when it comes to letting the competition know what you are doing.

In September 2016, as an employee, do be careful whom you trust in the workplace.

Artists, writers, musicians and dancers who perform or create works to do with sex, crime, dystopian, mystery, the occult or dark themes can be very successful and creative in September 2016.

Powerful messages can be conveyed to the public via art.

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