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Leo Sheep (Goat) Personality

The Goat (Sheep) Leo‘s furious pursuit of the finer things in life may short-circuit itself if you spend too much time living for the moment and not enough time living for the moment after that.

A touch of forethought will save you a great deal of work, which should bring you great joy as you tend to be a bit relaxed for sweatshop labor.

Your constant Leonine need for the best of everything can prove to be a brake that drains away your momentum, as you may refuse to move at all if not properly funded.

Learn to operate under less close tolerances, and you will be able to accomplish more with what you have on hand.

After all, not everyone will be keen to make exceptions in your case, and you cannot go through life with the Goat in you relying on the kindness of strangers, for quite often they have none.

Better to rely upon your own inner reserves of kindness instead, whether directed inward or outward.

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