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Leo On Sixth House Cusp

Leo On Sixth House Cusp

Leo On Sixth House Cusp

Leo in 6th house – Leo on the cusp of the sixth house

You likely enjoy standing out in your everyday activities (work, service). You may get things done in a practical way, but you also get them done in a glamourous or attention-getting way. You take great pride in your ability to get things done, and want to be acknowledged and rewarded for your job well done.

Yet the danger of Leo in 6th house is that you may work hard in order to get the desired acknowledgment and attention, then end up being overlooked because your work is so practical and mundane. Then you begin to slack off in the job or cause problems in order to bring attention to yourself and your bruised ego, which may cost you the opportunity to do the work you so desperately want attention for. Don’t allow your ego to get the better of you and your commitment to making the day-to-day of life easier for yourself and others.

With Leo in 6th house it is the ego in service. Now the problem with Leo is the humility aspect when of service to others. In this particular location of Leo, it emphasizes the self-less aspect, the humility in being of service to your fellow men.

In dealing with the public, Leo on the cusp of that sixth house offers many opportunities or channels for the leadership quality of Leo which should be demonstrated in every possible area of public activity, helping to raise the consciousness of mankind, bringing to community affairs or national affairs or even group activities the quality of activity involved with social trends, mental trends, any activity which would be for the betterment of mankind.

There is also an inherent need for discrimination in determining that which is truly beneficial. This particular area of the location of Leo is the one in which the Leo needs to exercise extreme caution so that he does not fall into that ego trap by being on an ego trip. Leo on the cusp of the sixth house must not at any time dominate or try to push others around, especially in the planning or organizing of any activity dealing with the public, or groups of people.

The karmic responsibility of Leo on the cusp of the sixth house is to be of selfless service, to assume leadership where mankind is concerned. And by direct reaction to the twelfth house, the service could be of a spiritual nature, based upon universal principles.

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