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Leo Spiritual Meaning

Leo Spiritual Meaning

Your Leo Spirit is life embracing, regal, strong and people oriented. Your energy is warm, vibrant and radiant.

Leo, being true to yourself means allowing your natural heart and love to shine on and empowers those around you and feeling their identity as important as your own.

Your purpose is to allow us to see the beauty of our personal gifts, strengths and talents and to nurture a joyful love of the experience of life.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…and play beneath your own sunlight. Nurture the child within yourself. Lead others to their own spotlights. Surround yourself with luxuries of the soul. Believe in the power of the individual as it resides within you.

Commit to loving the truth of others as deeply as you love your own. Walk proudly in your strength and teach others to do the same. Create a drama within your imagination and explore it.

Act out your grandest dreams with those you love. Gamble with your dreams…don’t be afraid to lose…and don’t be afraid to win. Create the life you want to live by believing in it and then acting as if it is there in your present.

Leo, give the gift of your love to someone unexpected….even to yourself. Don’t be afraid to radiate who you are..those that fear it..will learn from you.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

As the fixed fire sign you are the symbol of the utter strength of the eternal flame, Leo, and yet it is in that undeniable power where your weaknesses lie as well. You give freely…your opinions, your love and your attention and you embrace every nuance of those who captivate you.

Yet in that there is your weakness. If you are living in how others perceive you and not within your own identity you are making yourself vulnerable to a fall only a Lion can take. When you put your self faith on how those in your embrace treat, respect and uphold you eventually that faith is replaced by the identity and actions of whomever is holding it.

Leo, when you claim your own sense of self and stand proudly in it not only can you give more, embrace more, lead more strongly and support those you care about you have also become your own source of ego and power. This includes putting your identity into outer objects and conditions.

Surrounding yourself with what feels luxurious, regal and glorious can only become empowering if the feeling that you ARE those assets on your souls level are in place. And in this way…you become…the everlasting flame of life.

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