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Leo Tattoo Designs Ideas

Leo Tattoo Designs Ideas

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun and represented by the lion the king of the jungle. Just like the lion, Leos think they are royalty, and like the sun they are bright and optimistic people.

Leo Tattoos – Body Art for the Brave

You can start your mission for hunting the best Leo tattoos by examining the glyph for Leo first that can alone mesmerize you to have it tattooed on your body. The Leo’s glyph looks like the capital letter “U” with curly tips placed in an upturned position, whereas its coiled left hand is bigger in size than the right hand. This glyph represents the lion’s mane and is sometimes delineated by people as the heart of the lion.

Aside from its glyph, the Leo zodiac sign (will be leo tattoo) can present you with superb body art projections brought about by its diversity. The main image of the Leo being the lion is presented in dramatic forms as “the mighty lion” on leo tattoo.

The lion’s mane can also be designed in remarkable forms that you can bring in into action to powerfully stylize your Leo tattoo. Since the lions are considered as the king of the jungle, you can play around this theme, wherein you can have your lion drawn with a relatively large head that embodies his royal standing. This will be nice leo tattoo!

Leo is a fire element that lets you artistically incorporate flames than can put up with your flaming desire to achieve your goals in life. You might want to consider integrating fire in your leo tattoo design using few strikes or surround your overall leo tattoo with flames that can highlight the imagery of your burning aspirations. If you want a small but bold Leo tattoo, you can go for the lion’s mane spiced up through the use of fire.

You can get a Leo tattoo on whatever size you prefer.

You can ink leo tattoo in different parts of your body, though your shoulders and your chests are the best body parts where you can place huge leo tattoos that are noticeable. The tribal, Celtic and other innovations in the tattoo design community can also be associated in your body art that can make it more appealing and meaningful.

Visit a tattoo studio near you or find time to do research in the internet so you can be updated with the latest leo tattoo trends.

Leo Tattoo

More Leo Tattoo Designs

Known for being vain, a Leo is likely to get a tattoo that represents none other than themselves. Their own name, or initials, is something they would be likely to get tattooed.

The Leo sign is also known to rule the heart. Getting their own name in a heart shape might seem egotistical to some but not Leos. It simply represents their pride in who they are. On the other hand, heart shapes can be included as a pattern to any tattoo design they choose in order show off their inner loving nature beneath the big egos.

The lucky stone for this sign is the ruby, a ruby placed in the tiara or even just a ruby on its own tatted on a Leo woman would work as a great way to bring her luck. Or simply add the color ruby red to your personal tattoo design.

Another color to consider is gold. Gold is the color typically associated with this sign and it would also work as the color of the tiara or a Leo can add the color gold to any of their other tattoos.

A diamond, a tiara or a crown, are all very fitting symbols to represent the ‘royalty’ aspect of being born under this sign.

Summer is the Leo season and that’s when the sun is the brightest. Since their ruling planet is the sun, the sun or sun rays on their own or incorporated to any design is a great way for those born under this sign to show off their sunny nature. There are many options from a tribal looking sun design to an elaborate sunset. Anything that represents the heat of the summer, for instance flowers in bloom, or a nature scene would work wonders.

A lion or lioness, or its mane, tatted on the arm or elsewhere is a good idea. Other cats or felines can also work, as can cat eyes. Paw prints as opposed to the tatting the whole lion is perfect for the Leo looking for a simpler tattoo that still connects to their Leo power.

Leo’s are known to be youthful and are always good with children. If that is the case for you, consider tatting a cub rather than a full grown lion.

The Leo glyph symbol is shaped like a more curved upside down letter ‘U’ which is can be a simple way to show off your sign. Tatting the glyph with the individuals name underneath will show personal pride as well as pride in one’s astrological sign.

Fire is the element, so why not add flames to or around any tattoo to show off their fiery passion.

Any tattoo a Leo gets is most likely going to be a showstopper. Appealing and dramatic should be their tattoo, just like the Leo themselves.

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