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Leo On Third House Cusp

Leo On Third House Cusp

Leo On Third House Cusp

Leo in 3rd house – Leo on the cusp of the third house

You tend to intellectualize or rationalize your unique self-expression. Your mind is likely (one of) your unique contributions to the world, and it is important that you find ways to share your knowledge and communication skills with others. Always a willing student, there is no such thing as too much information for you.

You have no problem seeking or asking for more ways to learn and expand your base of knowledge, and you may find that you attract the necessary teachers and mentors to you in order to shine your Light more fully. When you do speak or write, you are like to communicate in ways that garner a great deal of attention – bold and proud is your usual mode of operation.

With Leo On Third House Cusp we are dealing with the house of knowledge and communication, the sharing of experiences with others. This is the house of brotherhood on this particular level. How will the Leo communicate when it’s on the cusp of the third house? Too often a Leo will say, “This is truth; right or wrong, I am right. You must believe as I believe, no questions asked.” It is more or less putting a straight jacket on the thoughts of others.

Leo should not dominate when it comes to communicating ideas. He must learn to respect the ideas and opinions of other people, has the responsibility of communicating truth, but with a broad base perspective and not narrow. At the other end of the pendulum, Leo must not be intimidated by knowledge and words with which he does not feel entirely comfortable. He must not try to suppress or put himself over the situation as a compensation for the normally strong ego expression which he would have. Compensation could be a cover-up for an inferiority complex in which he attempts to control and cover up the situation by acts of will on his part, forcing opinions upon others or in a given situation, right or wrong.

This is an excellent area for a Leo to express his creativity along intellectual and verbal lines, which can as well express the fiery, enthusiastic nature which the Leo has. This is further emphasized by the fact that Gemini, the intellectually curious person, is the natural ruler of that third house, and so in a subtle way the Gemini qualities enter into the Leo personality.

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