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Leo Tiger Personality

The very fact that the Tiger Leo would vote itself Monarch of the World in a second is indicative of the problems in your life, the primary problem of which is that you’re just too damn wonderful for your own good.

This has a tendency to leave you miserable in your royal Leo’s isolation, as others often feel they aren’t good enough to share the same air you breathe.

If you really want to make friends and influence people, you’re going to have to learn how to assume an air of convincing false modesty — nothing’s hereditary any more, least of all the loyalty of the servants.

Tiger LeoSpeaking of which, try to avoid your impolite habit of bragging about your conquests of your exuberant Tiger’s heart. You may think such boasts establish you as cock of the walk, but in reality it won’t be long until everyone is asking, “Who killed Cock Robin?”

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