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The Leo Woman

The Leo woman possesses marked and very visible characteristics: with her strength, originality and passion mixed with pride; she is a strange female that rests on creativity and on the need of expression of internal strength and on the ability of being a reference point not only for herself.

Our heroine is a woman who does not pass unobserved and who needs to emerge and to be at the centre of attention: she is a leader able to lead, to give direction and to drag others forwards; she does not have any inadequacy problems compared to the male world and, in all, she feels equal to men.

This strength often creates great difficulties for her with reference to being on an equal footing with everyone and in all situations: she demands respect, clarity and wants to express her potential in which, usually, she believes completely.

The Leo woman has neither particular dread nor complexes of inferiority: she does not like compromises and this shows her defect that is greater than ever and leads her to see life in a “black or white” way. She knows her value and claims respect that, generally, she can gain in the field; she is stubborn and volatile and she has a very strong “I” that, if supported by an internal certainty, becomes a point of strength also able to fight against internal enemies, but in case of little lesions it can become the point of greater vulnerability making her particularly susceptible to criticism and badly facing defeats.

The Leo woman darkness is in the strongest contradiction between the pleasure she needs and of being the centre of attention and too strong pride to be able to admit she can behave ambivalently and provocatively to be able to get herself noticed without admitting it to herself. This derives from the difficulty of channelling female needs into a strongly male energy that leads to denigrating typical behaviour such as seduction and receptivity that she instead must recover inside of her.

The Leo woman must free the female part supporting her with dignity and clarity; then, she will lead her innate royalty to shine in an intense and personal light that everyone will see and that will make her unique and special.

In the relationship with the man the Leo woman is passionate, intense, she needs warmth and can be particularly generous but, her lovers never last long: love for her must feed on evident gestures, on fantastic things and on great demonstrations; she wants to feel herself special for her partner and, therefore, becomes particularly binding at a relationship level: she does not support banality, mediocrity and the common place.

The Leo woman is intense and full of charm but she has high expectations and tends to get bored easily especially if the man is not brilliant and if he does not show himself to match her expectations that, needless to say, are very high.

She can be fantastic with children: she really loved her childhood with which she maintains a privileged relationship: she is spontaneous, she loves to play and to amuse herself and often she can get the best from children. This makes her a generous mother and an extraordinary teacher.

Her darkness? Naturally, it’s big: the Leo woman can become so needy of admiration with almost unbearable results; she can be insecure to the point she wants continuous confirmations from the outside. When she cannot create personally and ìis not self-confident she can project onto children and onto companions her need of grandiosity and of extraordinariness preventing her freedom in an attempt to find “light” through ability, quality and other results which she improperly boasts about.

The Leo woman hates treason and half truths and, when this happens, can never manage the situation in a strategic way: she is too instinctive and proud, but she also has a difficult relationship with her emotions and this prevents her from facing situations in a calm and effective way.

She is a very bad loser and takes big defeats badly, but even small and insignificant ones, her disappointment is scorching and visible; she is not in contact with her “female side” because she is possessed with an obsessive need to win but, lacks personal tools, projects everything on those close to her and becomes angry if these will not bring her the results that she expects.

The darkness seems to make the Leo woman lose the ability of giving which is taken over by the arrogant pretension of “everything is owed”; to solve this she must integrate her sense of humility that arises by working on her weakness.

The Leo woman has a big and a natural royalty and this leads her to be an “important, special and confident” person; she will be noticed for these charcateristics but, in order for this to happen, she must be nevertheless in contact with her internal light and her creativity: in this case she will be generous and brilliant, she will “make” true what she will set off in her own light.

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