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A Modern Leonian Fairy Tale- The Bold and The Beautiful

Television’s perfect. You turn a few knobs and lean back and drain your mind of all thought. And there you are watching the bubbles in the primeval ooze…you are in poor man’s nirvana. – Raymond Chandler, Leo

According to Blaise Pascal the happiness of higher classes consisted of having people entertaining them. In Ancient times the happiness of typical Leos – kings, queens, rulers and the like – were thus taken care by many people. But nowadays everyone gets a whole lot of entertainment, you need no longer belong to higher classes, television, videos, films and the internet offer entertainment at any time. And they also have a lot of viewers eager to be entertained.

Good entertainers come from all the horoscope signs, but yet Leos seem to have a special place in entertainment business. Typical Leos may not always be pure humorists or comedians, but they are often excellent and devoted entertainers or equally entertaining high-class playwrights, script writers and actors.


Dramatic talents are often noticeable even in those Leos who never lead a public life. When an ordinary Leo man or woman tells her or his life story, it often sounds like a drama although events as such have nothing extraordinary in them. And many Leos – especially Moon-Leos – lead a life that is more colorful and dramatic than the lives of other people, and most Leos prefer it that way. Even in their choices of TV programs they express their Leonian temperament: they don’t want something prettyish, they want dramatic events and bold and beautiful people in exquisite surroundings.

Bold and Beautiful

Susan Flannery, John McCook, Ronn Moss, Winsor Harmon, Lesli Kay, Tracey Melchoir
Bold and Beautiful

And there is a soap opera that is typically Leonian, a modern TV fairy tale for adults: The Bold and The Beautiful. It was on the air for the first time in US on March 23, 1987, with the Sun in fiery Aries, the Ascendant probably in Leo. In Finland The Bold and the Beautiful began on January 20, 1992 with Leo Rising and the Moon on the Ascendant, reflecting the enormous popularity the show has had in Finland.

There are hundreds of millions of viewers in over hundred countries, thus apparently the show has a lot of Leonian charisma. Most of the characters seem to be well aware of their royal Leonian essence, Bridget is a princess for Ridge, Sally talks about Queen Stephanie and about the royal Forresters. And there are many Leonian characteristics – high fashion, big money, creative work, everything in a grand scale.

In a Leonian style The Bold and the Beautiful combines teaching and entertainment: there is a lot of educational material hidden behind all those intriguing soap opera plots. A Finnish psychiatrist, Antti Liikkanen (Moon in Leo) has emphasized the role of psychiatrists, social psychologists and family therapists in the crew creating the series, thus according to Liikkanen The Bold and the Beautiful, although ‘just’ a soap opera, offers a lot of psychological know-how. it includes many meaningful messages and built-in ideas about eternal learning.

The series also offers a lot of explorations into the deeper recesses of the human psyche, there has been example cases from incest (Jake) to psychosis (Brooke on the Caribbean). According to a Finnish researcher, Ari Hiltunen, in soap operas like The Bold and the Beautiful fictional events and situations are emotionally true. This is usually quite enough, fans are not looking for any other kind of reality, they look for dramatic entertainment. And sometimes, with its positive and optimistic Leonian world view, The Bold and the Beautiful can offer more psychological know-how on how to handle life’s anxieties than serious plays with their often overly negative world view.

Although The Bold and the Beautiful is full of intrigues, deception and problems, many characters radiate Leonian optimism and positive attitudes. In relaxing and enjoying the program all the viewers around the world are together creating a kind of collective psychic “aura”, everyone feels good and relaxed in tuning into this aura. The Leonian soap opera they watch teaches them to trust life and feel good about themselves, just like Leonian characters who are constantly saying positive and supportive things to each other: “you deserve being loved”, “you have earned this or that good”… After having had our daily dose of such positive comments we may all feel better. At least much better than after watching violent action films or news full of violence.

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