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Letter Ten – Capricorn, Saturn, Tenth House Keywords

Saturn, Capricorn and the tenth house show our capacity to deal with the Law. Letter Ten describes the “Rules of the Game,” including “natural laws” like gravity and time, as well as the cultural rules of human societies.

It is also a key to the authority figures who enforce the laws and to our inner authority, the conscience and guilt. In current patterns, Letter Ten marks the times when we get the consequences of how we have been handling the laws.

It is the ultimate earth side of life, bringing us down to earth if we mishandle gravity (practicality and responsibility). Metaphorically, any overreach or attempt to avoid our share of the responsibility can result in some type of failure or falling short. Ignorance does not excuse us. Karma is just consequences which can be positive or painful. The proper handling of power brings success. We get an “A” on the report card.

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