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Letter Four – Cancer, Moon, Fourth House Keywords

Letter Four of our astrological model of life is water and is symbolized by the Moon, Cancer, and the fourth house. This includes the baby/mother relationship, the home and family, our need to be nurtured and our ability to nurture others. We may care for children or pets or talk to our plants, and no matter what our age, we always retain a little of our “baby” need to feel sheltered. Properly handled, Letter Four is unconditional love. A baby is protected because it needs it, not because it has earned it.

Letter Four completes the first cycle of the four elements. Water symbolizes the subconscious side of the mind where we absorb and assimilate the results of our experiences with the other three elements. Habits live here, and most people operate on automatic pilot most of the time. The subconscious manages the body. It digests our food, repairs damage to the body, keeps us breathing while we sleep, stores information acquired in the past, etc. Habits are great labor savors. Once we learn to do something, it takes less attention and effort to do it again, so we can satisfy the fire urge to break new ground.

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