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Letter Six – Virgo, Mercury, Six House Keywords

Earth follows fire, and with Letter Six we need to function effectively in a job and in our physical bodies. Virgo and the sixth house symbolize the drive to do something practical and to do it well, to cope with the material world.

Mercury traditionally is the planetary key to Letter Six, and two of the asteroids, the little planets which are mostly between Mars and Jupiter, also seem to carry similar connotations.

Ceres is the nurturing side of Virgo with a strong maternal instinct. Work is seen as a way to help people, and Ceres is usually a key to our original mother-figure and to our ability to mother others.

Vesta marks the need to do a good job for the sake of doing a good job! Individuals who have a prominent Vesta but who lack empathy can be so intent on the immediate goal that they ignore the effect they are having on others.

When the subconscious which manages the body is overloaded with negative emotions that are being mostly ignored, it can produce bodily ailments to get our attention. Job frustrations are a common source of illness or accidents. They let us escape the job or other obligations without feeling guilty.

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