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Letter Seventh – Libra, Venus, Seventh House Keywords

Once we have learned to work effectively and to maintain our health, we are ready to form lasting, adult, peer relationships with Letters Seven and Eight.

Libra and the seventh house represent the air side of partnership which seeks pleasure with others but is less emotionally intense than Scorpio and the eighth house where we learn to share sensuality, possessions, and passion driven by the water urge toward fusion.

Venus is the traditional ruler of Letter Seven but the asteroid Pallas also carries Libra meanings. Often, this includes potential skill in the graphic arts.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and remains a coruler, but Pluto is now recognized by most astrologers as the primary ruler. Another of the asteroids, Juno, provides the same message, joining the other significators of Letter Eight.

Letters Seven and Eight are polar partners of Letters One and Two. For many people, their primary challenge involves finding a balance between their own rights and pleasures and the rights and pleasures of others. The relationships may be cooperative or competitive as long as each side can win some of the time to maintain the game and, hopefully, there is mutual pleasure. When healthy competition, which is facilitating increased abilities on both sides, turns into war and mutual destruction, it has been carried too far.

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