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Letter Nine – Sagittarius, Jupiter, Ninth House Keywords

With Letter Nine we leave the interpersonal part of life and enter the transpersonal. Letters One and Two focus on purely personal rights and needs. Letter Three is starting to become socialized to recognize the rights of others. With Letter Four we start as a baby but become an adult able to nurture others, so from three through eight we are dealing with face-to-face interactions with others. As usual, each element cycle ends with water to mark closure. Letter Eight seeks to probe the subconscious depths, to gain self-knowledge and self-mastery. We learn self-knowledge partly through the mirror of a mate and we achieve self-mastery partly through respect for the rights of the mate.

The transpersonal Letters (Nine through Twelve) deal with social issues, humanity, abstract knowledge, laws, faith; with issues which involve masses of people and universal principles. Letter Nine marks our search for Truth with a capital “T”. As usual, the new element cycle starts with fire, the urge to break new ground, to explore new potentials. Jupiter, Sagittarius, and the ninth house are all part of the picture describing where and how we search for the meaning of life, for the nature of reality, for something to trust, for a way to set up a value hierarchy to make choices. Letter Nine is a primary key to our ultimate goals in life, determining where we end in our life. The small planet Chiron (which might be a comet) carries the potentials of both sides of Jupiter which is also a co-ruler of Pisces.

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