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Libra April 2015 Horoscope

During first half of the month your area of marriage and partnerships is in the spotlight. There is much harmony in this sector of your life right now. You will be contemplating many plans and dreams and communicating them to your mate or partner. In whatever field you labor, you will be successful in getting things done and solving problems that require some digging.

Watch out on making any snap decisions concerning your shared resources as everything is not the way it seems to be. Mars transits this month in your solar eight house, putting shared resources, money, investments, and sexual activities under the gun. You have strong desires and possess an especially active sex drive now.

The Sun joins planets in your eight house on the 20th and it will direct the whole your attention to joint finances and the results of your business activities. You and your mate or partner could come to a favorable agreement as new innovative ideas seem to be developing here for you.

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