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Libra Archetype

Core Insights for Libra

Mode: Outward (Activating, Initiating, Creating, Expressing, Illuminating)

Element: Air (Awareness, Ideas, Thought, Concepts, Knowledge)

Archetypal Images: Artist, Lover, Diplomat, Peacemaker, Councilor, Host, Lawmaker.

Planetary Governor: Venus

House Association: 7th House of Companionship and Aesthetics

Body Wisdom: Pancreas, Kidneys, Thought Creation/Expression.

Spiritual Principle: Intimate Balance “Commitment to the Sacred Other”

Harmonious: Graceful, Elegant, Charming, Artistic, Tactful, Sophisticated, Just, Polite Cooperative, Accommodative, Courteous, Persuasive, Lawful, Refined, Social, Impartial.

Shadow: Indecisive, Approval-Seeking, Procrastinating, Defensive, Distracted, Passive-Aggressive, Deceitful, Inconsistent, Vain, Wavering, Flirtatious, Indulgent, Air-headed.

Libra is the archetype of intimacy, balance, relationships, and aesthetic beauty. Courteous Libra is tuned into the intricate patterns of relation in the universe, able to create wondrous works of art and initiate social engagements. Libra is artistic and refined by nature, grace and charm in action. Planets in Libra gain diplomacy skills and can be very persuasive. They are gifted at interacting with other forces within the chart.

This archetype symbolizes the creation of social harmony and the expression of justice. The mythic image associated with Libra is the scales. Libra is on the quest to create and glorify wondrous works of artistic beauty through an attunement to the intricate patterns of the universe. Attaining balance and standing up for fairness are major concerns for planets in this archetype.

Libra and Venus symbolize the need for social order, strategy in planning, and cooperation in human affairs and relations. This archetype governs the principle of experiential polarization discussed earlier. It governs interaction intelligence, the kind of intelligence that arises from relationships. As the other equinox sign, it also signifies a turning point in the year, the midpoint of the cycle.

While the Aries Ingress points to the current sign of the astrological age we are moving through, the Libra Ingress brings to conscious awareness the issues of the polarity sign. We might be in the Age of Pisces, but Virgo is the sign that offers balance. Our Piscean ideals and illusions must be tempered with fine Virgoan discrimination.

As the Age of Aquarius comes stronger into focus the tide of civilization will turn toward the empowerment of societies that nourish creative individuals. Spiritual and artistically expressive communities are the wave of the next 2160 years! Impartial Libra inspires you to express ideas and illuminate knowledge in the field of life experience that it shines into in your chart.

The house with Libra on the cusp is where you need to initiate relationships, create harmony, and express love and grace. The same goes for the house that contains Venus, the mythic goddess of love. It is in those realms of life experience that you can tactfully initiate others into the fine arts of peaceful coexistence and cooperative intimacy.

Libra governs the pancreas and kidneys in the body and thought creation/expression in the brain. The pancreas demonstrates Libran desire to be cooperative as it secretes pancreatic fluid to aid in digestion and add insulin to the blood, balancing Aries. The kidneys balance the fluids of the body.

When your Libra energy is misdirected it becomes incapable of making decisions and tends to act conceited or vain. Dark Libra seeks relationships merely for personal gain and can be deceitful, wavering, and quite superficial. Lost in false sophistication, the shadow of Libra emerges making you distracted, passive-aggressive, and approval-seeking. This unbalanced side of Libra is self-indulgent, attached to luxury, and overly flirtatious. Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Aries, gaining courage, decisiveness, and strong willpower. The key word Sophisticated appears on both the light and dark sides of Libra. If sophistication and social complexity interferes with simplicity, grace, and lawful demeanor then it ruins Libra’s charm. The shadow side of Libran sophistication is a façade to cover up the flaws of inconsistency and indecisiveness.

The spiritual principle of Libra is intimate balance, the ability to stay centered within your authentic self as the tide of life rushes over you so that you can be committed to the well being of those who cross your path. Balance is a deep state of relaxation, merging with the beauty of the world. Balance requires that you devote equal energy and consideration to the seven energetic groups that sustain life based on the elements and modes: Fire (Celestial Illumination & Creative Activity), Earth (Pure Nourishment & Service in line with your talents), Air (Breathing & Mental Expression), Water (Pure Liquids & Emotional Expression), Outward Mode (Exercise & Change), Inward Mode (Loving Relationships & Pleasure), and Spiral Mode (Sleep & Contemplation/Meditation).

Although all these life energy groups are important for total health the real key to sustaining and returning to a balanced state is through breathing properly. Libra is an air sign, and it’s the air running through our lungs deeply that maintains balance over the long haul. Libra admonishes us to learn to notice imbalances in our breathing.

The glyph for Libra symbolizes the setting sun, the natural position of the Sun when it occupies the 7th House of Companionship and Aesthetics. The symbol represents the achieving balance through aesthetic pursuits and equal-opportunity relationships. With Virgo (the sacred womb of devotion) on one side of Libra and Scorpio (the passionate desire) on the other, Libra seeks to forge a cosmic union or divine marriage between perfection and rebirth, transformation and skill expression. The symbol has the arc of heart receptivity and consciousness sinking into the depths of the Underworld. In this sense, relationships are the tool for exploring your own inner depths through the mi

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