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Libra Cartoon Character

Daffy DuckDaffy Duck, one of the most popular of the Looney Toons animated characters, is a happy fellow in general. Like the typical Libra person, he can be light-hearted, irrepressibly flirty, and a consummate diplomat — but he has very definite opinions about what is right and what is wrong for his world.

He is not afraid to let others know what he thinks, and, like those born under the Sign of the Scales, he can become easily upset when he thinks he is not going to get what he wants and deserves.

The flirtatious side of the Libra personality will get them in hot water even when they don’t mean anything by their innocent play, and much like Daffy Duck, Libras must learn to be careful what they say and to whom.

How they say it is almost as important as what they say, and like Daffy, the Libra person will get in way over their head in the blink of an eye – the more so because their actual intentions can be very hard to intuit from outside!

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