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The Libra Child

Astrology & the Child

Astrology is a very practical tool in raising children. It provides information that eliminates judgment and criticism of a child (and parent) and can inspire communication between the generations. The knowledge of astrology enables us to enhance a child’s potential and to understand their specific behaviors. We can allow them to be who they are and not what we, society, or schools expect them to be.

Libra and the Child

Libra children

Libra children

Libra children are lovely. They are the beautiful sons and daughters of Venus — cheerful, friendly, creative, peacemakers. Image is important to them, so dress them in clothes they like. Yellow stimulates their intellect and indigo calms them. They will probably develop a distinct sense of fashion at an early age. Libra rules the kidneys and the skin, so make sure you find a skin regimen that works for them and encourage them to drink lots of water. The water also stimulates their natural intelligence as it is a conductor of electricity in our neurological systems. As Librans grow into adolescence, make sure they get up early enough to complete their morning routine of bathing, hair, clothes, and makeup. They won’t feel comfortable or be happy if they skip steps in their preparations because of a lack of time.

On the Soul level, Libra is ruled by Uranus. Libra children know how to play and their play can be surprising, unpredictable, and very creative (Uranus qualities). Although they are gentle and loving, they can become very self-involved in their play, creations, image, and relationships. As they grow older, they have the potential to become pleasure seekers, materialistic, and highly competitive, especially in financial affairs.

Therefore, Libra children need to be gently coaxed into responsibility and caring for others. They know how to play well, but they need to be reminded that their responsibilities, school, chores, and caring for family and friends are also important. They are happiest with equal amounts of work and play in their lives. Because of Libra’s connection to Venus (resources), money is very important to Libra. Let Libra children handle money. Help them start a savings account; let them make their own piggy banks and put loose change in it. As they grow, encourage them to manifest their prolific and creative ideas for making money.

Libra is one of the most artistic of signs and Librans are natural artists. Libra children thrive with a fine arts education which includes music, art, dance, and literature. Because Libra is an air sign, Libra children love to think creatively and bring their thoughts into form. They are ruled by Ray 3 of active intelligence. Make sure there are plenty of quality art supplies, musical instruments and books in the house.

The essence of the Libra child is balance. Like the scales evenly weighted, the Libra child (and adult) needs to carefully weigh each situation. From the smallest to the largest, each decision entails looking at all the information and options before choosing. While the rest of the family is happily eating their ice cream cones, the Libra child will still be in the shop, tasting, considering texture and color, and panicking at the time it takes to make a decision. It’s important to be patient and kind so that the Libra child learns how to make decisions effectively, rather than to fear making them. Libra children act this way because they are learning to take the middle path, as Buddha taught. They are learning to balance everything in their lives: play and work, self and others, personality and Soul.

Libra uses his natural intelligence to see all options. No possibilities can be discarded without first thinking about them. Decisions are not impulsive or emotional but well thought out. Librans make excellent attorneys; as children, they love being involved in debate club and student government. At home, consider having family conference meetings where the Libra child can share in creating family activities and rules. He will be learning to legislate his life by learning to control impulses with intellect.

Because of the balance that Libra seeks, they are natural peacemakers. When involved in an argument with friends, the Libra child will listen carefully to all sides and see merit in each point of view. Because of their great love of peace, they learn to negotiate win/win settlements; they find what is best from each side and create a solution that everyone feels good about.

But those same qualities that allow them to see all sides of an argument can also cause a crises in personal values for the Libra child. With so many personal options, it can be difficult for the Libra child to see clearly the right course of action. He may be heavily influenced by peers, and their values may muddy his.

Libra children are also capable of engaging in fierce gossip about their peers and may have the habit of blaming others for their own mistakes. The remedy for all of this is for Libra to develop an inner purpose and to hold to that. Parents can help by talking to their child about his personal values and how to maintain those values in each situation.

Stories, music, and movies with the theme of peace and walking the middle path are interesting to Libra children.

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