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Libra Decans

Libra – Libra September 23-October 3 – 1st Libra Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Venus-Venus

Venus is both the ruler and Subruler, which intensify the Libra-Libra love for beauty, pleasure and luxury. There is simply no escaping the powerful double influence that this planet exerts on the Libra-Libra. Venus creates someone who will eternally beautify thought. The key for all the Libra-Libra is balance. Libra-Libra must forever balance between their Venus-Venus artsy, mushy side and their double Cardinal style that requires them to blaze their own way into business and professional success. Libra-Libra needs the parts of their life to be equal. For example, a thriving career will mean nothing to them without a flourishing love life.

Blessed with great social charm, they strive to make an impact. In love Libra-Libra are romantic and impulsive, but they have a tendency to choose lovers who take more than they give. Those best suited for the Libra-Libra are those who keep their feelings out in the open from the start. Once both parties’ feelings are made known and the air has cleared, issues of vital concern to each person can be reasonably discussed rather than being avoided. The challenge of penetrating to the emotional core of this fascinating and challenging Libra-Libra may keep their intimates busy for a lifetime. Those involved with Libra-Aquarius on a daily basis will appreciate their savvy.

Libra-Libra will be characterized most assuredly as a lover at heart. Libra-Libra showers love on friends and family with a seemingly limitless supply. Their essence is pure, a potent core of love, harmony, peace and beauty. Libra-Libra is the “Dr. Feel-good” of the zodiac. Libra-Libra also has an almost magical imagination, a perfect blend of artistic and logical thinking. When Libra-Libra do tap into their rushes of ambition, they have the power to attract success as readily as flowers attract honeybees.

Erogenous Zone: Libra rules the hips…I would highly recommend doing some gentle biting on the hipbone. It’s incredibly sensuous and ticklish.

Libra – AQUARIUS October 4-October 13 – 2nd Libra Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Venus-Uranus

Uranus, planet of the intellect, rules their decan, giving power to the romantic qualities of Libra ruling planet Venus. The 2nd Decans are usually the most balanced of the entire zodiac. This will hold true most definitely in the case of Libra-Aquarius “smoothies” born in the middle of the most balanced sign of the zodiac. With Venus in charge of their never-ending creative side and Uranus holding the reins on their practical, positive thinking, they are literally the happiest group of individuals under the sun and the style of their Aquarian influences keeps their pushiness in check.

Libra-Aquarius is an independent person, yet they need companionship and love to balance them out along with their career. Those best suited for Libra-Aquarius is over all, well-grounded, simple and fun loving; someone who’s not afraid of being affectionate in public but doesn’t over do it at the same time. Libra-Aquarius has endurance and conservatism hidden in their depths. There is also an indescribable quality in many Libra-Aquarians that magnetizes and charms beyond belief.

It’s not surprising that the Libra-Aquarius offers refreshing, stimulating, sincere attitudes. They glow like a rare crystal with the joy of the universe. Constantly in demand, Libra-Aquarius often have difficulty finding time for themselves and at some point they must learn how to limit the time and energy they are prepared to give. The paradox about the Libra-Aquarius is that although their social skills are highly developed, they may really be loners by nature.

Erogenous Zone: The Libra-Aquarius feels everything in their legs. When stressed out their legs tire easily, or when these Libra-Aquarius are being kissed on the ears the goose bumps go straight to the legs.

Libra – GEMINI October 14-October 22 – 3rd Libra Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Venus-Mercury

The energy and quickness of Mercury join with Libra ruling planet Venus gives the Libra-Gemini an attention getting personality. With Venus for creative fuel and Mercury for major brains and just a touch of neighboring Scorpio’s Mars for potent drive, Libra-Gemini astrological constitution is the perfect makeup. Those Gemini twins exist within the Libra-Gemini both in their love of verbal communication and in the rapid pace that they, unlike most Libra’S are able to maintain for long periods of time. Even though Libra-Gemini are a souped-up hybrid of influences, they will never escape their magnetizing Venus, which is their saving grace.

Libra-Gemini pronounced intellectual capabilities are part of their allure. They have a lot of sex appeal and enjoy attention from a wide range of people. Sometimes the depth of their true feeling for a lover is not apparent on the surface. Those best suited for the Libra-Gemini are often with strong, even dominant personalities whom they can lean on. Libra-Gemini must feel able to assume and discharge responsibilities generously and of their own accord, rather than being forced to do so. Libra-Gemini has a need to be well informed and they characteristically make this a challenge to learn. To them, knowledge is power.

Libra-Gemini has vitality and likeableness, a combination that indicates success working with the public. Their mind is forceful, curious, and open to new ideas. In general, Libra-Gemini tends to follow their head rather than their heart. Their intentions are always born of love and goodwill. When they are in touch with their instincts they are capable of a form of ESP. Libra-Gemini silly sense of humor, together with their Mercurial traces, makes time spent with them a super blast.

Erogenous Zone: To make the Libra-Gemini even more tempting, they also have those fabulous blushing Cupid lips that make them all the more kissable.

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