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Libra Dragon Personality

The Dragon Libra has so much to give, and the style and wit of your acts of giving seem to mandate a career in show business. Not that you’re all surface and no substance — there’s a moody, pensive Libran soul deep down inside, if both you and everybody else could get past that glittering Dragon shield you habitually hide behind.

True to the sign of the Scales, your sense of fair play is hypertrophied enough to allow you to become a public defender, consumer advocate, or similar champion of the populace at large.

This choice of career may not dovetail well with your all-consuming lust for luxurious living, however, as the people rarely reward their volunteer supporters with amounts commensurate with value given. This could sour you in later life if you don’t take steps to reinforce your idealism every once in a while.

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