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Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, completes half of the zodiac and points to the time of year when balance or rest is needed. During this month, though especially for Librans, all of humanity must have harmony and balance in their lives or illness can result. Sleep is the most important medicine for Libra. Without enough harmony and sleep, the adrenal and kidney functions become depleted. Alcohol, in a Libra body, can cause severe damage to the kidneys and adrenals, therefore, Librans often are allergic to fermented liquids. Stress is practically unendurable for Librans. Stress affects the adrenals and kidneys, the regulators of the chemical composition of the blood and body tissues.

Like its glyph, the sign of the scales, a point of balance must be reached during this month, especially between the acids and alkalines of the body. The kidneys, ruled by Libra, are the main distillators, or purifiers, of the body, shaking or raining out, eliminating, and filtering the excess acids so that the blood maintains a balanced alkalinity for proper health. Venus, the ruler of Libra and planet of love and harmony, always tells us when the fluids are out of balance. Life no longer seems full of love and harmony when we are not in proper acid/alkaline cell balance.

Like a Libra person, when anything is out of balance emotionally, they retreat until balance is restored. Peace-loving Librans work to preserve harmony. During this month of Libra, the most restorative way toward harmony is through a diet that is vital and non-acid-forming, rich in organic vegetables and appropriate amounts and types of protein (see book review of Your Body Knows Best, by Ann Gittleman in last month’s Virgo issue of Night Light News). Foods containing the Libra cell salt sodium phosphate (Natrum Phos) in large quantities include celery, carrots, spinach, asparagus, beets, peas, yellow corn, strawberries, apples, figs, blueberries, raisins, almonds, fresh coconut, oatmeal, wheat, rice, and watercress.

Libra & the Body

Libra works with: kidneys and renal system, adrenal glands, lumbar vertebrae, and eyes, as a consequent reflex from kidneys. Venus transmits Libran energy and represents the principle of harmony, relationship, and equilibrium. Venus maintains the stable internal environment that the body needs to function properly. One of the ways Venus does this, is to keep the chemical composition of the body constant through the action of the kidneys.

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Libra (person and time of year) are:

Homeopathic is Natrum Phos, which reduces acids in the blood. This cell salt’s function is to maintain the body’s acid-base balance by preventing excess acidity, or alkalinity, especially in the blood stream. It aids kidneys and their function and, in order for all other cell salts to work properly, this acid-based balance must be maintained. Since it relieves excess acidity, Natrum Phos has been used to treat gout, kidney stones, tired muscles, ulcers, and acid stomach. Additional cell salts are: Calcium Phos, for healthy kidney activity; and Chamomilla 30, to help with Libran’s airy, restless nature.

Herbs are dandelion, rich in vitamins A, B, and C, is a good general tonic and diuretic and therefore valuable for liver and kidney disorders; barberry bark (berberis vulgaris), which stimulates the action of the kidneys and liver and is helpful in all blood disorders, balm, borage, horseradish, parsley, thyme, strawberry, and violet, all of which neutralize overacidity and have a beneficial effect on kidney function.

Vitamins and minerals are A, B3 (niacin), C, and E, and magnesium, which helps prevent kidney stone formation.

The Bach Flower Remedies are agrimony, cerato, scleranthus, and mimulus.

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